Data Structure

The importance of Data Structure

For data to be used efficiently it needs to be structured in a way that it is easily accessible, stored and organised. Data within a CRM can grow to large amount, becoming increasingly more difficult to organise and access in an orderly and efficient manner.

This is where data structure comes in, different types of structures can be used to store each element in a specific pre programmed manner, including array, mapped, variant, sets and more. There can be many different structures used to organise data and a combination of certain types can also be used.

Intuital's Data Structure

Intuital has integrated data structure to improve the display of data and extraction efficiencies in the following ways:

  • Improve performance through query and data structure optimisation and pre-query caching of relationship data
  • Allow for customised data structures to be planned, defined and the database itself built using a graphical user interface (GUI) without any software development skills
  • The CRM data structure can easily add new “data cells”