Context Aware

Definition of Context

Context is defined as any 

information that can be used to characterise the situation of that are considered relevant to the interaction between a user and an application, including the user and the application themselves - (Clark and Lapkin, October 2008)

and can come from an original source or any array of networks, sensors, databases or people but mostly that which is available via the World Wide Web. 

Context Awareness

Context awareness is used in instances such as mobile and desktop locations delivering users information based on where they are situated in the world including as specific as the actual address.

Intuital endeavours to use context awareness to react and sense user's needs based on the environment in which they are operating. While many context aware services are still in relatively primitive stages in regards to SaaS (Software as a Service), in time there will be significant changes which could reshape the future of software.

Context Aware CRM

The missing link from today’s CRM Applications is “me”. Me being the context of why I am doing the things that I’m doing and what is it I should be doing now, next or in the future. Relating this information to the specific context of the domain in which I am working so I can access the data, systems or people I need to carry out the required actions.  

Intuital aims to answer the following in regards to context:

  • ​“Where am I”
  • “What have I done or need to do”
  • “What has my team done or need to do”
  • “What should I be doing or be aware of now”
  • “Am I waiting for something from my client”

Having this information ready and present when logging in to your CRM has unparralleled advantages and is just one of the many feature Intuital aims to bring to the CRM market.